What is Shot Blasting?

What is Shot Blasting?


What is Shot Blasting?


Shot blasting is one of the abrasive blasting methods people like to use for cleaning concrete, metal, and other industrial surfaces. Shot blasting uses a centrifugal blast wheel that shoots abrasive media onto a surface at high velocity to clean surfaces. This is why shot blasting sometimes also be called as wheel blasting. For centrifugal shot blasting, one person could easily do the job, so it could save a lot of labor when dealing with large surfaces.


Shot blasting is used in almost every industry that uses metal. It is typically used for metals and concrete. People like to choose this method is because of its surface preparation ability and environmental friendliness. The industries that use shot blasting includes: Construction Company, foundry, shipbuilding, railways, automobile company and so many others. The purpose of shot blasting is to polish the metal and strengthen the metal.


Abrasive media can be used for shot blasting includes steel beads, glass beads, coal slag, plastics, and walnut shells. But not only limited to those abrasive media. Out of all these, steel beads are standard media to use.


There are many materials that can be shot blasted, these includes carbon steel, engineering steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and concrete. Other than these, there are also other materials.


Compare with sandblasting, shot blasting is a more aggressive method to clean the surface. Therefore, it does a thorough cleaning job for every target surfaces. In addition to powerful deep cleaning ability, shot blasting contains no harsh chemicals. As mentioned previously, shot blasting is environmental friendly. With its high work-effectiveness, shot blasting also creates a durable surface coating. These are all some advantages of shot blasting.


Some people might get confused between sandblasting and shot blasting, after reading this article, you will find that they are two completely different cleaning methods. 


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