Steps to Remove Graffiti

Steps to Remove Graffiti


Steps to Remove Graffiti


In most cities, there is graffiti everywhere. Graffiti can be created on various surfaces, and abrasive blasting is a great method to remove graffiti from all surfaces without damaging the surfaces. This article will briefly talk about four steps to remove graffiti with abrasive blasting method.


1.     The first thing to do is set up the blasting area. To set up the area, the operators need to construct a temporary roof and walls to minimize environmental damage. This is because some abrasive media can be harmful to the environment. Also, clean the blasting area to make sure there is no excess debris.

2.     The second thing to do is put on personal protective equipment. It is always important to wear personal protective equipment properly and keep operators safe while blasting.

3.     The third thing to do is clean away the graffiti. When clean away the graffiti, there are also four things people need know.

a)       The temperature of the working environment: always measure the temperature of the working environment. Normally it is easier to remove graffiti in a warmer temperature.

b)      Type of graffiti: common known graffiti are stickers and spray paint. Different types of graffiti can decide how the job can be done.

c)       Surface affected: The surface differences determines the work's difficulty.

d)      And the time graffiti has been created: the longer the graffiti was created, the harder it can be removed.

It is important to do some research about the graffiti you are going to work on.

4.     The last step is to choose a special coating or finish to the surface you just working on. And do not forget to clean the blasting area.


These four steps are the abrasive blasting process for remove graffiti. Using abrasive blasting method to remove graffiti is a common method most business owner would choose. Especially when the graffiti is offensive to their brand and reputation, completely removing graffiti is necessary to the property owners. 

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