How to Remove Graffiti from Different Surfaces

How to Remove Graffiti from Different Surfaces


How to Remove Graffiti from Different Surfaces?


The most effective way to remove graffiti from a surface is abrasive blasting. This method is commonly used by a lot of property owners when people paint or write on their walls or other properties without their permission. The best time to remove graffiti is within 24 to 48 hours, and before starting removing it, one of the most important things is to know how to remove graffiti from different surfaces. This article will talk about four different surfaces that always have graffiti on them.


When talking about stones, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is that the stones are hard. The truth is natural stone is a lot softer than you assume. Therefore, choosing soft abrasives like walnut shells and corn cobs to remove graffiti from stone is the best choice.



As we all know, brick has a rough profile. Even though the appearance of brick is rough, using the wrong abrasive blasting material could easily damage the surface. To remove graffiti from brick, choosing gentler methods like walnut shells and corn cobs is one way. For more aggressive jobs, another choice can be glass beads abrasive. Due to the rough profile brick already has, the beads will not damage the brick’s appearance. 



Since concrete is a harder material than stone or brick, walnut shells and corn cobs are too gentle for them. People should choose a harder abrasive like glass beads or aluminium oxide abrasive. 


Painted Metal

Removing graffiti from painted metal depends on the hardness of the metal. For softer metals, one of the great ways is plastic abrasive blasting. This method is commonly used in the automotive industry, so the metal can be cleaned without getting damaged. Besides plastic, natural abrasive media like walnut shells and corn cob can also be the choice when removing graffiti from softer metals.

For harder metals like stainless steel and aluminium, the better choice would be medium-sized glass beads. The glass beads can effectively remove graffiti and make the surface smooth and shiny. In addition, glass beads are not as aggressive as others, so they will not damage the metals as well.


To sum up, soft abrasive blasting materials like walnut shells and corn cob abrasive are always the best choice for softer surfaces. And for more aggressive surfaces, glass beads abrasive can do a better job. Choosing abrasive media differently depending on the surface's hardness is never good to damage the surfaces.


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