Sandblasting Helmet

Sandblasting Helmet


Sandblasting Helmet


The helmet commonly referred to as a sandblasting helmet is part of any standard protective equipment (PE) for operators because it performs several functions at the same time. It not only protects against blast media rebound but also supplies breathing air to the operator through a separate breathing airline. Therefore, it is even more important for us to place special importance on quality and to provide a safe product because the helmet is more than a simple blasting mask.

BSTEC blasting helmet is made in non-toxic, tasteless, and high-strength ABS material formed at one time, with the characteristics as below:

1. The air inlet is equipped with a noise-canceling device to avoid noise caused by strong airflow entering. 

2. It is provided with an air intake guide slot to evenly distribute the air around and the main flow to the front of the picture frame, so as to eliminate the breathing air, make the line of sight clearer, and avoid the discomfort caused by the air directly blowing on the head. 

3. The overall design of comfortable ventilation effect is scientific and reasonable, the top is equipped with a safety helmet soft plastic shock-absorbing adjustment network and sponge gasket, the size can be adjusted wide, the size is tightly sealed, easy to disassemble and disassemble. 

4. The lens of the window can be replaced directly without taking off the garment. The neck is equipped with an elastic seal for stronger tightness, and the front and the rear shawl are fastened, making it easy to wear. 

5. It is designed to reduce fatigue, ensuring the abrasive blast helmet's weight is evenly distributed, balanced across the head and shoulders.

6. Standard: EN397:1995+A1:2000


BSTEC supplies high-quality level helmet protection series products, to prevent splashing abrasive, dust, and noise caused by sandblasting. It is necessary for sandblasting operations to protect the workers from dust to lung injury. Suitable for arc spraying, spraying, anti-corrosion engineering, chemical industry, metal anti-corrosion, glass, hardware large cutting, crushing, grinding, ash cleaning, and other bad special places.

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