Factors of Graffiti Removal

Factors of Graffiti Removal


Factors of Graffiti Removal


Factors of Graffiti Removal

Abrasive blasting methods use a high pressurized stream of abrasive materials to clean the target surfaces, and removing graffiti from the surface is one of the jobs included in cleaning the surfaces. However, removing graffiti from different types of surfaces also has different requirements. This article is going to talk about what to consider when removing graffiti in different situations.


1. Temperature


The first thing to consider before graffiti removal is the temperature of the environment. The temperature can impact how challenging a graffiti removal job will be. It would be a lot hard to do the job in cold temperatures.


2. Type of Graffiti


According to different types of graffiti, the graffiti removal job also changes differently. Some of the graffiti mediums include markers, stickers, etching into surfaces, and spray paint. Before starting the job, it is important to know which types of graffiti you are going to work on. 


3. Surface Affected


Knowing the surface of the graffiti impacts how the job can be done. More porous materials like wood can be harder to remove, This is because they might absorb the color, so it would take more time to get the job done. Besides, removing graffiti from natural stone, concrete, and brick is also not easy.


4. Time


The best time to clean graffiti is right away. If you do not clean it right away, the color seeps into deeper surfaces. At this time, removing graffiti is more difficult than before. Therefore, once you think the graffiti needs to be removed, clean it right away.


To sum up, consider the temperature and type of graffiti before starting processing. In addition, you need to know the target surface before starting. How long graffiti has stayed on the surface is also one of the factors that need to know. After knowing these four factors, you can be well prepared.

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