Information about Sandblaster

Information about Sandblaster


Information about Sandblaster


Before the abrasive blasting method was invented, people had to clean off old paint, grease, or rusted metal parts manually. Using hands to clean these things off needs a lot of time, and the job might not be done well. The abrasive blasting method solved this problem.


Abrasive blasting, also known as sandblasting. Since people no longer use silica sand as abrasive media, and there are many other different types of abrasive media. The term sandblasting can also refer to abrasive blasting. Sandblasting is a powerful technique to clean off old paint, grease, and rusted parts from surfaces. Sandblasting needs various equipment, and a sandblaster is one of the people needed while sandblasting.


A sandblaster is a powerful machine used for cleaning applications. There are also different types of sandblasters in the market.


The first commonly known type is pressure blasters. Pressure blasters are easier to use than the others. They consist of a large canister containing silica sand under high pressure. For pressure sandblasters, the sand cannot be collected and reused. Therefore, the cost of using pressure blasters is high.  



The second one is a siphon sandblaster. This type can be used to clean large surfaces, and the cost of a siphon sandblaster is cheaper compared with pressure blasters. Siphon sandblaster consists of three parts: sandblasting gun with two hoses, an air compressor, and a reservoir of loose sand. Besides the cheaper prices siphon sandblasters have, this method also can collect and place back the sand that is fired out which can also save some costs.


Before you are choosing between different types of sandblasters, there are also factors people need to know about.

1. The first factor you need to know is what blast media you will use. The reason that you need to know about the blast media is some media work best with special valves.


2. You also need to know the blast pot size. Knowing the size of the blast pot can help you properly consider which size of sandblaster fits you the most.


There are also other factors that matter to sandblasting. As a very powerful technique to clean off the unwanted things on the surface, every process while sandblasting is important. 

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