Industries that Use Dry Ice Blasting

Industries that Use Dry Ice Blasting


Industries that Use Dry Ice Blasting


In the previous article, we talked about dry ice blasting as a gentle and non-abrasive process, and it is widely used in the light industry due to its being gentle, non-abrasive, and environmentally friendly. Besides the light industry, the dry ice blasting method can also be applied in heavy industry and other fields like the printing industry. Today, we are going to talk about why and how dry ice blasting can be applied in these fields.


We will start by talking about dry ice blasting in heavy industry. Besides the previous advantages, dry ice blasting is also a cleaning method that does not require you to disassemble your equipment while cleaning them. This is what makes it popular in heavy industry.


Heavy Industry:

1.                 Aircraft and Aerospace

In the aircraft and aerospace industry, dry ice blasting plays an important role in cleaning from cargo bays to landing gear systems.

a.      Carbon buildup: The fact that dry ice sublimates mean it will not leave any hazardous chemicals on the surface. Therefore, it can be used to clean engine exhausts, burnt carbon deposits, and wheel wells.

b.     Cargo bays: Since dry ice blasting can quickly and efficiently clean all areas, it can be used to clean aircraft cargo bays. It can remove grease, dirt, and oil without damaging any surfaces on the cargo bays.



2.                 Automotive

Dry ice blasting also plays an important role in the automotive industry. It can help increase production time by cleaning the equipment fast and efficiently. Dry ice blasting can clean with the following in the automotive industry:

a.      Mold cleaning

b.     Painting system

c.      Tire manufacturing equipment

d.     Rim assembly equipment



3.                 Electrical equipment and power plants

For decontaminating semiconductor manufacturing equipment and electrical-related equipment, dry ice precision cleaning is the best choice when they need to clean their equipment. It can remove deposition and contamination without damaging the substrate material. There are some samples.

a.      Generators

b.     Turbines

c.      Electric motors

d.     Cableways and trays


Besides these listed fields, dry ice blasting can also be used in other areas like the printing industry and medical and pharmaceutical equipment.


Other Fields:

1.                 Printing industry

With the use of the dry ice blasting method, you can clean ink, grease, and paper pulp build-up without disassembling the printing press parts. Disassembling the equipment frequently also damage the equipment, therefore, it can help extend the life of printing press parts and clean the at the same time.

2.                 Medical and pharmaceutical equipment

Medical and pharmaceutical equipment has strictly tight tolerances of precision micro-molds and using the dry ice blasting method can maintain the tight tolerances of them. Moreover, it will not damage the number, microscopic letters, and trademarks on the molds. Thus, it has proven to be an elite cleaning method.



In conclusion, dry ice blasting is a miraculous cleaning method to clean equipment with ease in industries. 

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