The Importance of Deburring

The Importance of Deburring


The Importance of Deburring


Deburring is an essential process in every industry. Especially for some industries that require extreme precision and attention to detail. Such as the food industry, automotive industry, and medical industry. The process of deburring is important for all industry that is related to metal fabrication. This article will talk about why deburring is important.


1.     Prevent Injuries

For a company, the safety of workers is always the most important thing to consider. The sharp edges can cut the flesh of workers and cause serious injuries. Therefore, the deburring process can remove burrs and shape edges to keep the workers safe while handling and assembling the metal parts.



2.     Protects Machinery from Damage

Besides workers, machines that require metal parts are also at risk if do not remove burrs. Metal parts with burrs will not fit into the mold, and their sharp edges will damage both metal parts and machines. Thus, deburring is necessary to keep every machine working properly.


3.     Smooth Appearance

The deburring machine can remove burrs from metal parts and create the same shape and size for metal parts. Therefore, all products look the same. After the deburring process, not only the rough ridges and sharp edges are removed from the metal parts, but also give customers the impression of the products.


4.     Improve Paint Adhesion

Sometimes it is necessary to do surface painting or surface coating for product design. Surface coating can help prevent corrosion or deterioration easily for metal parts. If there are burrs on metal parts, the painting and coating can come off in a short time and cause an uneven look on the products. The deburring process helps the coating to adhere well to the metal parts. With the coating, the life span of metal products also increases.


5.    Removes Oxides

During the fabrication process, oxide layers always happen on metal parts, and they can harm the quality of the metal parts. In addition, the oxide layer on the surface can make it difficult to coat parts satisfactorily. The oxide layer can easily be removed by the deburring process.


Overall, the deburring process is an essential step to ensure the safety of all people who need to handle the products, the work efficiency of the machinery, and the overall quality of products.

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