Dry Ice Blasting for Graffiti Removing

Dry Ice Blasting for Graffiti Removing


Dry Ice Blasting for Graffiti Removing


Most building owners do not want to see unwanted graffiti on their properties. Therefore, building owners must find ways to remove this unwanted graffiti when it happens. Using a dry ice blasting method to remove graffiti is one of the ways people choose.


There are 5 reasons for people to choose dry ice blasting for graffiti removal, let’s talk about them in the following content.

1.   Effective

Compare with other blasting methods such as soda blasting, sandblasting, or soda blasting, dry ice blasting is more effective. Dry ice blasting adopts high cleaning speeds and a wide range of nozzles, so it can clean surfaces rapidly and easily.

2.   Chemical-free and environmentally sustainable

Dry ice blasting uses CO2 pellets as abrasive media. It does not contain chemicals like silica or soda that could hurt people or the environment. Graffiti removal processes require people to work outdoors most of the time. If people choose to use soda blasting or other blasting methods, abrasive particles could bring hazards to their surroundings. For the dry ice blasting method, there is no need to worry about hurting surrounding plants or people.

3.   No secondary waste

A good thing about dry ice blasting is that it leaves no secondary waste after the service is completed. The dry ice will evaporate when it reaches room temperature and creates no residues for people to clean up. Therefore, the only thing that needs to be cleaned after the graffiti removal process might be paint chips. And this contaminant can be cleaned easily.

4.   Lower cost

Choosing a dry ice blasting method for graffiti removal can also save a lot of costs compared with other forms of blasting methods. As mentioned previously, dry ice blasting rarely creates containments that require labor to clean up. Therefore, it can help save labor costs from cleaning after the service.

5.   Gentle and Non-abrasive

When graffiti is on soft surfaces like wood, using the traditional blasting method has the possibility of damaging the surface if the operator fails to blast the surface with the right force. However, we do not need to worry about damaging the surface when choosing the dry ice blasting method. It provides a gentle and non-abrasive means of cleaning everything.


To sum up, dry ice blasting for graffiti removal is an effective and economically efficient way compared with other blasting methods. It also can remove the graffiti completely without damaging the target surface. It works on almost any surface due to its gentleness.


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