Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Dry Ice Blasting Machine


Dry Ice Blasting Machine


If you are bothered by unwanted paintings or rust from various surfaces, you can choose to use a dry ice blasting machine to clean it. A dry ice blasting machine is a machine that uses compressed air and dry ice pellets to hit the surface and clean it.



There are many different types of dry ice blasting machines. They have different hopper sizes, dimensions, blast pressure, and so on. Therefore, before purchasing a dry ice blasting machine, people need to be aware of what they need and get the right size for their work.


Dry ice blasting machines can be widely used in industries that require gentle and precise cleaning. It also can be applied in industries that require strength and speed. Here are some samples of applications of dry ice blasting machines.


Light industries

1.     Food & beverage industry

The food and beverage industry has strict requirements for the cleanliness of the equipment. Dry ice blasting machines can be used to clean all types of their equipment. Such as ovens, wafer oven plates, mixers, drip pans, and so on. Dry ice blasting can easily remove contaminants from hard-to-reach corners, and it does not create hazardous chemicals that would damage the equipment and human health. Therefore, dry ice blasting is an effective and efficient method to choose for the food and beverage industry.

2.     Plastics

With the use of the dry ice blasting method, plastic molds and products can be cleaned in a fraction of the time, and there it is environmentally friendly.


Heavy industries

1.     Automotive

Using dry ice blasting in automotive can help with mold cleaning, painting systems, tire manufacturing equipment, robotic welding equipment, and so on. The advantage of using dry ice blasting is it can help reduce scrap rate. Therefore, the cost of fixing the equipment is saved. It can also reduce labor costs.



What to care about when using dry ice blasting machines?


1.     Operators need to know how to properly install the machine

2.     Knowing how to maximize machine productivity and increase work efficiency.

3.     Knowing how the dry ice blasting machine works and how to properly operate it.

4.     Knowing the safe operating techniques.


What to wear when using dry ice-blasting machines?

1.     Gloves: to protect your hands and arms.

2.     Ear protection

3.     Eye protection



To sum up, dry ice blasting machines can be used in a lot of different fields. Using dry ice blasting to clean equipment can help improve product quality. It can be used in both light and heavy industries to clean equipment. 

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