Variables that Affect Recycle Abrasives

Variables that Affect Recycle Abrasives


Variables that Affect Recycle Abrasives


Some abrasives can be recycled with a blast cabinet. Recycling abrasives can help reduce the cost of buying new abrasives which are expensive to afford. However, there are some variables people need to consider before starting recycling.


1.  The hardness of abrasives: On the Mohs Hardness Scale, abrasive media with higher ratings are normally better choices than those on the lower rating. The hardness of abrasive media can determine whether this abrasive is suitable for recycling.

2.  The size of abrasives: The bigger the abrasive is, the slower it wears down. For the bigger size of abrasives, it takes more time for them to wear down; therefore, they can be recycled and reused.

3.  The shape of abrasives: Sometimes the shape of abrasives also affects the recycling rate of abrasive. Abrasive with a durable and round shape is more likely to last longer than other media.  

4.  The volume of abrasives: An abrasive with a higher volume can generate more heat, and the excessive heat can wear down the abrasive which also reduces recycling rates.

5.  Abrasive delivery method: The difference in abrasive delivery methods also affects recycling. One delivery method is creating direct pressure by using a pressure pot, and the other one is siphon delivery which uses a two-hose injector gun. The delivery speeds vary according to two methods, and it can affect the recycling rate from the blast media.

6.  Part-to-nozzle distance: The distance between the blasting nozzles to the parts is also onesave of the variables that affect recycling. For longer distances, the impact velocity is lower, the abrasives can last longer. The recycling rate will reduce when the distance is short.

7.  Part hardness: For harder parts, they seem to wear down abrasives more quickly. Therefore, it leads to shorter rates of recycling.



All these variables can affect recycling abrasives, knowing them before starting recycling can help saving time and also save costs. Recycling abrasives help business to control the cost of buying new abrasives and is also environmentally friendly by reducing the waste output.

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