Common Mistakes While Abrasive Blasting

Common Mistakes While Abrasive Blasting


Common Mistakes While Abrasive Blasting


Since the abrasive blasting technique is effective for surface cleaning and surface preparation. It is popular for people to use in lots of industries. However, any mistake while operating abrasive blasting could lead to loss of cost, and even damage operators' live. This article will talk about some common mistakes people make while abrasive blasting.


1.     Choosing the Wrong Abrasive Material

The first common mistake is failing to choose the right abrasive material. There is a wide range of abrasive media for people to choose from, and choosing the wrong one can lead to unexpected damage. For example, if the target surface is really soft, and you choose some really hard media like crushed glass, the chance of damaging the surface is really high. So, before choosing the abrasive material, it is important to know the condition of the surface and the hardness of the abrasive material. And if you are looking for some recyclable material, maybe try glass beads.

2.     Forgetting to Collect Blasting Material

The process of abrasive blasting should occur in an enclosed environment. In this case, the blasting material will not be everywhere. Forgetting to collect blasting material is a big waste of money.

3.     Using the Wrong Blaster

Blasters come in different sizes and air-pressure capabilities. Choosing the right blaster could increase the work efficiency

4.     Spraying the Surface at the Wrong Angles

When spraying the particles to the surface, it is wrong to spray straight ahead. Spraying the particles straight ahead is not only less effective to finish the job, but also has a risk of getting the operator hurt.

5.     Neglecting Safety Precautions

The worst mistake people should make during abrasive blasting is ignoring the safety precautions. Safety should always be the top priority when abrasive blasting. Neglecting safety precautions can lead to irreparable injury to the operators.


This article lists five common mistakes people always make during abrasive blasting. Any negligence can result in personal injury and property damage for the company. Therefore, always check before abrasive blasting.


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