Protection Equipment for Abrasive Blasting

Protection Equipment for Abrasive Blasting


Protection Equipment for Abrasive Blasting


During abrasive blasting, there are lots of unexpected dangers that could happen. For personal safety, it is necessary for every operator to put on the right personal protective equipment. This article lists some basic personal protective equipment operators need to have. 


1. Respirator

A respirator is a device that can protect workers from inhaling harmful dust, fumes, vapors, or gases. While abrasive blasting, there will be a lot of abrasive particles in the air. Without wearing respirators, workers will breathe in toxic abrasive particles and get sick. 



2. Gloves

Choosing heavy-duty gloves that are made of durable materials when choose the blasting gloves. And the gloves need to be long enough to protect the worker’s forearm. The gloves also need to be durable and will not be worn down easily.  



3. Hearing Protection

Loud noise is unavoidable while abrasive blasting; workers should put on comfortable earmuffs or earplugs to protect their hearing. 


4. Safety Shoes

One important thing about the safety shoes is they should be slip-resistance. So, the workers will not slip while abrasive blasting. In addition, it is important to look for footwear that is made of tough material. Tough material can protect their foot from kicking on some hard materials.


5. Blast Suits

Blast suits can protect workers’ bodies from abrasive particles. The blast suit should be able to protect both workers' front body and their arms. Under high pressure, the abrasive particle could cut through a worker’s skin and cause an infection.



Using the right personal safety equipment can help reduce the risks from abrasive blasting. High-quality and comfortable abrasive blasting safety equipment and accessories not only make workers comfortable but also can protect them from potential abrasive blasting hazards. 




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