Pros and Cons of Siphon Blaster

Pros and Cons of Siphon Blaster


Pros and Cons of Siphon Blaster


Abrasive blasting cabinets perform a variety of operations like rust removal deburring, surface preparation for coating, scaling, and frosting.


Siphon Blasters (also known as suction blaster) is one of the main types of abrasive blasting cabinets that exist on the market, and play an important role in abrasive blasting. It works by using a suction gun to pull blast media through a hose and deliver that media to a blasting nozzle, where it is then propelled at great speed into the cabinet. It is mostly used for light production jobs and general cleaning of parts and objects.


Like pressure blasters, there are different voices for siphon blast cabinets. In this article, we will introduce the Pros and Cons of Siphon Blast Cabinets.

Pros of Siphon Blaster

1.       Initial setup expense is much lower. Suction blast cabinets need less equipment and are much easier to assemble, compared with a direct pressure system. If your budget is a concern and time is limited, a siphon blast cabinet is a good choice, as it can save a lot of cost and time than a direct pressure cabinet.

2.       Replacement parts and components costs are lower.  Universally, the components of pressure blasting machines wear out at a faster rate than suction blast cabinets as they deliver the media with greater force. So siphon blast cabinets need less frequency of replacing components such as blast nozzles, glass panels, and other replacement parts.

3.       Needs less compressed air to operate. The consumption of pressurized air increases, when abrasive blasting with more force. Siphon blasters use less air than pressure cabinets even if they use the same nozzle size.

Cons of Siphon Blaster

1.     Less productivity than direct pressure blasting. Siphon blasters use less air and they operate with lower air pressure. So, their working speed is much lower than direct pressure blasters.


2.     More difficult to remove heavy stains or coatings from a surface. Siphon blast cabinets are less aggressive than pressure blast cabinets, so heavy stains are not easy to remove through the siphon blasters.

3.     Cannot be blasted with heavy blast media. Direct pressure units use a pressure pot to propel abrasive blast media, so they can use more force with heavy blast media such as steel shot or grit for blasting jobs. Siphon can’t use more force for heavy media to perform the blasting job, so they are not suitable for heavy industrial blasting.


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