How to Determine If your Blast Nozzle Needs Replacing

How to Determine If your Blast Nozzle Needs Replacing


How to Determine If your Blast Nozzle Needs Replacing


For the sandblasters, there are always a time they wondering if they need to replace their nozzles. And forget to replace the blast nozzle could be a hidden danger for sandblasters. So, this article talks about six points to tell you when you need to replace your nozzles.

1.     Visible Cracking or Crazing

The first point, of course is when you see a cracking or crazing on the external cover of your nozzle. After sandblasting process, sandblasters will remove the nozzle from the nozzle holder, and this is when they should check the condition of the nozzle. Also, checking the nozzle before the sandblasting work is necessary.

2.     Non-uniform Wear Pattern

Once the sandblasters finish sandblasting, they need to remove the nozzle from the nozzle. If there is visible non-uniform wear patter on the nozzle, it also means the nozzle is about to wear out.

3.     Reading from Nozzle Analyzer Gauge

A nozzle analyzer gauge is a measurement tool help to measure the internal diameter of a nozzle. It helps people to determine the level of the wear out of a nozzle. Therefore, using a nozzle analyzer gauge could best determine whether the inner of the nozzle is wear out or not.

4.     Decrease Back Thrust

The sandblasters are the one who operates the sandblasting process and hold the nozzle. Since the sandblasting process needs high pressure to work, there should be a back thrust for sandblasters. When they feel there is an obvious decrease back thrust, this also means there is a possibility the nozzle is wore out and they need to replace the nozzle.

5.     Loss of Whistling Sound

When sandblasters hear loss of whistling sound while the process of sandblasting, this is also a sigh that their nozzle might need to be replaced.

6.     Abrasive Much Quicker

When a nozzle is worn out, it could cause the abrasive process much quicker than before. And this could also cause less productivity.


These six points are all related to the problem whether you should replace your blast nozzle or not. A worn out nozzle could reduce the efficiency of work and might even cause dangerous to the sandblasters. So, do not ignore any problems with the nozzles and take it serious.


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