Hazards of Abrasive Blasting

Hazards of Abrasive Blasting


Hazards of Abrasive Blasting


      We all know abrasive blasting has become more and more regular in our life. Abrasive blasting is technique people use water or compressed air mixed with abrasive materials, and with the high pressure the blasting machines brings to clean the surface of an object. Before abrasive blasting technique, people clean the surfaces by hand or with a wire brush. So abrasive blasting makes it more convenience for people to surface cleaning. However, besides the convenience, there are also things people need to be aware of while abrasive blasting. It also brings some hazards to people.


1. Air Contaminants

There are some abrasive media contains some toxic particles. Such as silica sand this can cause serious lung cancer. Other toxic metals like lean and nickel can also damage operator’s health when they breathe in too much of them.


2. Loud Noise

While abrasive blasting, it creates noises for 112 to 119 dBA. This is come from when air is discharged from the nozzle. And the standard exposure limit for noise is 90 dBA which means operators who must hold the nozzles are suffering a noise that are higher than they can stand. So, it is necessary for them to wear hearing protection while blasting. Without wearing hearing protection could lead to hearing loss.


3. High-pressure Water or Air Streams

Water and air at high pressure can create a lot of force, if operators are not trained well, they can be harmed by the water and air. Therefore, rigorous training is necessary before they start the job.


4. Abrasive Media Particle

The abrasive particles can become very harmful with the high speed. It could cut operators’ skin or even hurt their eyes.


4. Vibration

The high pressure causes the abrasive blasting machine to vibrate so that the operator's hands and shoulders vibrate with it. Prolonged operation is likely to cause pain in the operator's shoulders and arms. There is also a condition known as vibration syndrome which could happen on operators.


5. Slips

Since most of the time people use abrasive blasting is for surface preparation or makes the surface smoother. Blasting particles even distributed on the surface could lead to a slippery surface. Therefore, if operators do not pay attention, they could slip and fall while blasting.


6. Heat

While abrasive blasting, operators are required to wear personal protective equipment. During summertime, high temperature could increase the risk of getting heat-related illnesses to the operators.



From what has been discussed above, all operators should be careful while abrasive blasting. Any neglect could cause damage to them. And never forget to wear personal protective equipment while abrasive blasting. If working in a high temperature, do not forget to cool yourself down when you feel uncomfortable with the heat!

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