Choosing Blast Nozzle Materials

Choosing Blast Nozzle Materials


Choosing Blast Nozzle Materials


One of the considerations while choosing a blast nozzle is the materials of the nozzle. There are different types of materials for blasting nozzles. The harder materials people choose, the nozzle will be resistant to wear, and the price also get higher. There are three basic materials for blasting nozzles: they are tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, and boron carbide.


Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide has a high hardness and it makes this type of nozzle much harder than other types. Tungsten carbide nozzle has the advantage of high hardness. So, this type of nozzle is a good choice for aggressive abrasives like coal slag or other mineral abrasives. Moreover, the tungsten carbide nozzle has a relatively cheaper price.


Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide nozzles are durable like tungsten carbide nozzles. The good thing about this type of nozzle is they are a lot lighter than others. So, it would really easy to carry and workers can save a lot of energy while working with this type of nozzle.

Boron Carbide

Boron carbide nozzles are the longest earing nozzles out of all types of them. Even though boron carbide can last the longest, the price of boron carbide is not the highest. A longer lifetime and reasonable price make the boron carbide nozzle the economical choice for most applications.

Ceramic Nozzles

The ceramic nozzle used to be one of the most commonly used nozzles. However, this type of nozzle only performs well with softer abrasives. If you want to use it for harder abrasives, it wears out quickly. Therefore, it no longer suits some of today’s advanced abrasives. Too easy to wear out could increase a lot of cost of replacing new nozzles.


No matter which blast nozzle material you choose, they all have limitations of life. The cheapest one or most expensive one may not always be the best option for you. Therefore, before you start choosing blast nozzles, you need to know the job requirement and budget. In addition, you should always remember to replace the wear-out nozzle the first time is really important. 

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