Why should you Choose Wet Blasting

Why should you Choose Wet Blasting


Why should you Choose Wet Blasting?


Wet abrasive blasting is a surface cleaning and preparation method that people like to use. This method is using a mixture of water and abrasives to blast the surface under the pressure. Wet blasting is similar to abrasive blasting, the main difference is wet blasting adds water to the abrasives. Sometimes people prefer to use wet blasting method instead of abrasive blasting, this article is going to talk about the reason why you want to choose wet blasting.

1.     Dust reduction

Dust reduction is the critical advantage of wet blasting. Due to the use of water, there is less amount of dust produced during the process of abrasive blasting. Dust reduction can protect the blasters and adjacent working groups from breathe-in abrasive particles and keep them safe. Moreover, it will not cause any damage to surrounding plants and can be done in open environments.

2.     Reduce media consumption

When mixing water with abrasives, there is more mass at the point of impact. This means you can reduce the number of abrasives and save a lot cost on new abrasives. Wet blasting also provides a suitable, feathered edge since the blaster itself can control the PSI.

3.     Economical

The wet blasting system does not require a massive, expensive system. A well-designed blast system can recycle media and strip the surface at the same time. The process steps are reduced. Thus, you can save a lot of time. In addition, it requires fewer abrasives than dry abrasives. The cost of buying new abrasive can also be saved.

4.     Enhance safety

While abrasive blasting, sparking could occur due to the friction between blasted surfaces and the abrasive media. And sparking could cause explosions which might cause serious casualty incidents. With wet blasting, there is no sparking created at all. People do not need to worry about explosions while wet blasting.


To sum up, wet blasting is an effective method to clean surfaces without creating much dust while it uses less abrasive, it can save cost on abrasive and also save time. In addition, wet blasting can keep workers safe from explosions.

The water induction nozzle is one of the necessary parts of wet blasting, BSTEC provides various sizes available for you to choose from. 




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