What is Pipe Blasting

What is Pipe Blasting


What is Pipe Blasting?


The pipe is an indispensable thing in our daily life. It can be used for plumbing, tap water, irrigation, delivery of fluids, and so on. If the pipe is not cleaned regularly and well coated, the surface of the pipe can get corrosion easily. The exterior of the pipe also gets dirty if we do not clean it regularly. Therefore, we need pipe blasting for our pipes. Pipe blasting is one cleaning method people use to clean the interior and exterior of the pipe. This cleaning process can remove rust from the pipe surface.


Let us talk about pipe blasting in detail.


Normally, the pipe blasting process has a huge impact on the surface coating quality. The pipe blasting process creates a better surface for further surface treatment. This is because the pipe blasting process can remove rust and contaminations from the surface and leave a smooth and clean surface on the pipe.


There are two main parts we need to do pipe blasting: one is the exterior of the pipe surface, and the other one is the interior of the pipe.


External Pipe cleaning:

For external pipe cleaning, it can be done through a bast cabin. The abrasives hit the pipe surface under the high pressure in a high-power mechanical blast wheel. Depending on the size of the pipes, the blasting tool can be chosen differently. In addition, if people want to achieve the goal of a proper pipe coating process, they can choose the appropriate additional processing like pre-heating.



Internal pipe cleaning:


   There are two internal pipe blasting methods: mechanical and pneumatic blasting.

   Mechanical blasting uses a high-speed wheel to create centrifugal force to propel the media to the surface. For large pipes, it is a smarter choice to use the mechanical blasting method.

   For pneumatic blasting, it uses an air compressor’s energy to deliver an air or media mix at speeds and volumes to impact the surface. The advantage of pneumatic blasting is the speed of the media delivery is controllable.

Just like cleaning the exterior surface of pipes, there are also numbers of equipment for us to choose from depending on the size of the pipes.


Once the pipe blasting process is done, the surface of the pipe should be smoother and cleaner than before and making it easier for further coating.


BSTEC internal pipe blasting equipment:

As an abrasive blasting manufacturer, BSTEC also produces internal pipe blasting equipment for our customers. If you are interested, welcome to contact us by phone or email for more information.


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