Sandblasting Problems

Sandblasting Problems


Sandblasting Problems


     Nowadays, sandblasting technique has been wildly used in our daily life. People use sandblasting machine to clean their front porch, their old trucks, rusted roof, and so on. However, there are a lot of problems could happen during sandblasting: Such as not evenly spray the pattern or the abrasive media will not come out the nozzles. This article talks about what causes these problems and how to solve these problems while sandblasting.

1.    Put Too Much or Too Less Abrasive Media in the Cabinet.

As we all know, before sandblasting, the first thing we need to do is filling the sandblast equipment cabinet with abrasive media. People would think they just put as much as they can in the cabinet, so they do not have to do it again and again. However, too much media in the media could cause a worn out of the machine and spray the pattern unevenly. And not enough media could cause the blasting system work unevenly.

2.    Low Abrasive Media Quality

If the sandblasters pour the broken abrasive media into the cabinet, it could also cause the troubleshooting for sandblaster. In addition, abrasive media with dust all over also not qualified for sandblasting. So operators should make sure their abrasive media is kept in a dry and clean space.

3.    Sandblast Machine

There should always have maintenance for the sandblast machine, fail to clean the machine could also cause the trouble shooting for sandblaster.

4.    Too much Air

The air pressure in the sandblasting system is adjustable. Too much air can cause the improperly operate while sandblasting. Operators need to adjust the air up and down according to their needs.

5.    Poor Blast Pattern

The blast pattern is determined by the shape of the blasting nozzle. If the nozzle is damaged or cracked, it could affect the blast patter. Therefore, before start operating, sandblasters need to check the condition of the nozzles. When detect any problems of the nozzles, replace them immediately to reduce the chance of troubleshooting.


There are five causes listed in the article. In conclusion, people should always clean their sandblast machine and do not forget to keep the abrasive media clean and dry all the time. Any part of the sandblast machine could affect the sandblasting process.

      The end of this article talks about the shape of the nozzles. At BSTEC, we have all shapes of nozzles available. Contact us and let us know what your requirements are.



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