Brief Introduction of Venturi Bore Nozzle

Brief Introduction of Venturi Bore Nozzle


Brief Introduction of Venturi Bore Nozzle


In the last article, we talked about the straight bore nozzle. In this article, the Venturi bore nozzles will be introduced.



To look through the history of the Venturi bore nozzle, it all started in 1728. This year, Swiss mathematician and physicist Daniel Bernoulli published a book named Hydrodynamic. In this book, he described a discovery that the decreasing of the pressure of the fluid will lead to an increase in the fluid velocity, which is called Bernoulli’s Principle. Based on Bernoulli’s Principle, people did a lot of experiments. Not until the 1700s, the Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi founded Venturi Effect---when the fluid flows through a constricted section of the pipe, the pressure of the fluid will decrease. Later Venturi bore nozzles were invented based on this theory in the 1950s. After several years using, people continue to update the Venturi bore nozzle to fit the development of the industry. Nowadays, the Venturi bore nozzles are widely used in modern industry. 



A Venturi bore nozzle was combined with the convergent end, the flat straight section, and the divergent end. The generated wind flows to the convergent at a high speed first and then passes through the short flat straight section. Different from straight bore nozzles, Venturi bore nozzles have a divergent section, which can help decrease the vertex function so that the wind fluid can be released at a higher speed. The high velocity can make the higher working efficiency and less abrasive material. Venturi bore nozzles are ideal for greater productivity during blasting because of their blast productivity and abrasive velocity. Venturi bore nozzles can also produce a more uniform particle distribution, so they are suitable for blasting larger surfaces.



Advantages & Disadvantages

As we talked about before, the Venturi bore nozzles can decrease the vertex function. So they will have a higher velocity of the wind fluid and can consume less abrasive material. And they will have higher productivity, which is about 40% higher than the straight bore nozzle.



Venturi bore nozzles usually provide higher productivity when blasting larger surfaces. Because of their higher productivity, they can also realize blasting the surfaces which are more difficult to manufacture.


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