Applications of Abrasive Blasting

Applications of Abrasive Blasting


Applications of Abrasive Blasting


Abrasive blasting is a method to use high pressure and abrasive media to clean or prepare surfaces. It is widely used in various application and industries. In this article, some of the most common abrasive blasting projects will be listed.


1. Concrete Surfaces Cleaning

The abrasive blasting process is always used to clean streets, walkways, and other concrete surfaces. By using high-speed abrasives, abrasive blasting can effectively and quickly clean concretes. Keeping these concrete places clean and maintaining them regularly can extend their lives and minimize the possibility of falling or other accidents. 



2. Prepares Surfaces for Coating

Abrasive blasting is an effective method for surface preparation. If you forget to prepare the surface before coating, it can lead to money wasted, and the coating service life will not last long.



3. Paint and Corrosion Cleaning

The abrasive blasting process is commonly known to clean the paint and corrosion. It is hard to rely on conventional cleaning techniques to clean some stubborn paint and corrosion. Therefore, with its high-speed and controllable pressure, the abrasive blasting process is an excellent method to choose. It can get rid of unwanted paint without damaging the target surfaces. 


4. Surfaces Smoothing and Polishing

Besides cleaning and coating, the abrasive blasting process can also be used to polish and smooth surfaces. For example, when you are trying to assemble some mechanical parts and you find some rough burrs or other irregularities on them. It would make it hard to assemble, but after smoothing the surfaces with abrasive blasting, things would be a lot easier.


5. Removes Oil and Grease

Using the wet blasting method can effectively clean away the oil and grease. People always use the wet blasting method to clean their driveways. It is highly recommended to clean the driveways with a wet blasting method and keep yourself safe.


Abrasive blasting is used widely throughout industry for surface preparation, preparation of materials, and cleaning surfaces. This article only lists five common applications of abrasive blasting, but there are many more uses for abrasive blasting.


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